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条款: 我们不为石律师事务诊所所提供的咨询之过失、充足性或未尽责咨询而负责,且被调查。我们有权拒绝。如果我们没有在7天内回应,则意味着我们没有收到此提交。如果我们认为其他律师事务所或许能协助您,我们有权将案件转送于他们。我们也可把它转至法律学会。对于初步的咨询,我们将收取100元文莱币(50页数以内的文件评论),须预先缴交款项。


  • Terms: We shall not be liable for negligence for CAS Law Clinic advice, for adequacy of such advice, or for failure to advise, and we need not be put on inquiry. We have a right to reject all applications and if we do not respond to a query within 7 days it is deemed that we have not received the submission, and if we have received them, they have been rejected. We have a right to forward issues to other law firms if we think other firms may be able to assist you. We also have a right to forward issues to the Law Society. We charge a fixed fee of BND 100 for advice at the preliminary stage (a review of up to 50 pages of documents) for a 30 mins attendance for the verbal opinion. Payment must be made in advance.

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+673 2339119