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Robin Cheok, Chan Ching Yee and Zion attended the PUJA Academy Sdn Bhd course about “Handling Delay & Prolongation Costs Claims Per SCL Protocol”. The course was delivered by Ir. Harbans Singh KS, at the Brunei Ministry of Development Training Centre.

The course covered claims relating to the consequences of delay to construction / engineering contracts. Ir Harbans focused on how to properly formulate claims (all stages of the claims process).

Ir Harbans also focused on the Society of Construction Law (SCL) UK Protocol on Delay and Disruption, which provides some guidance to practitioners in Malaysia. The SCL (Malaysia) branch adopted the Protocol this year and it is relevant to other jurisdictions – especially Brunei.
These courses help us comprehend and adopt contract practice with the aim of achieving professionalism and bringing the Brunei local practice on par with international practice relating to avoidance of delay and disruption.